OCA Advantage

Consultative Approach


We take time to learn your business

Before we sell anything, we listen. We conduct a needs assessment with our future business partners by asking the right questions so we can better understand their business needs right out of the gate. OCA brings multiple product solutions to one meeting to maximize your time, and ultimately add to your profitability.

OCA Prepares

Our effective call planning strategy with SMART Goals, leads to more productive customer meetings, increased credibility, and increased sales results.

OCA Connects

OCA creates and builds credibility and a positive impression by connecting with key decision makers.

OCA Understands

We know understanding is at the heart of consultative selling. OCA’s focus is to engage in a dialogue by asking a full range of questions to fully learn your business needs.

OCA Recommends

OCA recommends solutions that make it easy for the customer to understand. OCA sales professionals describe capabilities and solutions using a clear, concise, and compelling message that links value to our customers’ needs.

OCA Commits

OCA is committed to the sale of our products through training, insides support, and pull-through sales support.

OCA Acts

Flawless follow-up with our customers adds to our credibility and how we differentiate ourselves.

Giving your building products the visibility they deserve.
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