Additional Services

OCA goes the extra mile to make sure the manufacturers we proudly represent and the customers we serve can rely on our team for added services. Whether it’s providing educational services, assisting customers with product launch sales blitzes, or sales support at trade shows, OCA is always there to support our manufacturer and customer partners.

Education & Trailer Events

OCA is committed to Building Knowledge through education. OCA participates in several training techniques to make sure our customers and end users understand the product’s features and benefits, and the most efficient and effective way to install the products we represent.

With three demonstration trailers, OCA supports both our manufacturers and customer events throughout our territories.

oca additional services

Installation Clinics

OCA knows that if a product is not installed properly, the product will likely fail. Finding the best installation partners in the market is key to the success of our products. We take the time to schedule installation clinics and supplement our clinics by hosting key partners at plant visits to get the full scope of the functionality of our products.

oca additional services
oca additional services
oca additional services
oca additional services

Sales Team Sales Blitzes

OCA has 13 outside professional sales team members to cover a territory. When we bring on a new customers, OCA can bring in reinforcements to blanket a market with a new product launch.

sales teamoca additional services
oca additional services

Local & National Trade Show Support

OCA supports customers and manufacturers through trade show participation. Check out our list of trade shows.

Social Media Support

OCA helps enhance our customers’ and manufacturers’ message through social media posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

trade show support
oca additional servicestrade show support
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